Solutions for a circular economy


Galvanizing is an efficient dip process – giving the highest level of protection for steel. Galvanizing of steel products maximises their durability, reuse and recycling.


Galvanized steel is completely covered with a durable coating that can last the lifetime of the component – avoiding resource use for replacement or maintenance.


Galvanized steel is robust and easily dismantled for reuse in multiple life cycles. The coating stays with the steel component in its next life cycle.


Galvanized steel products can be regalvanized and put back into service – avoiding production of new steel. Repurposing of galvanized steel products is often possible without regalvanizing.


Steel and zinc are recycled together – without loss of properties – if the long life of galvanized steel eventually ends.
This new publication explains how the galvanizing industry is moving forwards - keeping galvanized steel at the forefront of solutions for tackling climate change and delivering the circular economy that is now firmly established in both policy and practice.

Galvanized steel can provide innovative solutions that optimise durability and facilitate circularity of steel structures and components. These solutions can be easily implemented using this well-established and simple method of protecting steel.

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Dursley Treehouse

Built on a small plot in the centre of Dursley, England, this house was designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding trees and to preserve the natural habitat of the site.

Leeuwarden Energy Knowledge Centre

The Leeuwarden Energy Knowledge Centre is built on the former Skinkeskâns waste disposal site to the west of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. This innovative office building is part of an Energy Campus and will house a wide range of research and knowledge institutions in the field of sustainability and is architecturally integrated into the landscape.

The Eiffel Tower

When Gustave Eiffel constructed his famous tower in 1889 for the International Exposition and centennial celebrations of the French Revolution, it was envisaged to be a temporary structure. Little did he know that it would still stand as the much-loved landmark of Paris over 130 years later. 

Why Galvanized Steel?

The concept of a circular economy is fundamental to optimising sustainability of materials. This has brought the simplicity, robustness, durability and inherent recyclability of metal structures and components to the forefront of sustainable design. 

  • Hot dip galvanizing of steel products after fabrication delivers the highest levels of corrosion protection – the steel structure or component will often achieve its design life with no maintenance.
  • The galvanized coating can follow the steel structure through multiple cycles of reuse.
  • A galvanized coating is inherently climate resilient as its protective ability is largely unaffected by changes in temperature and other climatic factors.
  • Galvanized coatings are bonded to the steel, which allows the steel product to be reused along with the original coating without need for recoating (just think of those scaffolding poles that are repeatedly assembled and disassembled around our buildings).
  • Galvanized steel components that have reached the end of their design life, or are uninstalled for any other reason, can be re-galvanized and returned to the original use.
  • If the reuse cycles come to an end, both steel and zinc are recycled together in the well-established steel recycling processes – with the zinc being returned, without loss of properties, to zinc production plants and eventually back into the galvanizing process.

If a material system was specially designed for the circular economy, hot dip galvanizing would be an excellent example. But, it is here today and has been following these principles for decades.

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