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10 Best Practices for Creating Dapps

2021-09-01 JGTechBlockchain

The list below are best practices that all developers need to implement in their Decentralized Applications. These best practices are imperative to help you grow the number of customers using your application.

1. Waiting

  • Communicate to a user the amount of time a transaction will take
  • Notify the user when the transaction is complete

2. Impact

  • Be very clear what will happen when a user takes an action

3. Cost

  • Be clear about the cost of a transaction
  • Let the user know that, if the transaction fails due to a missing requirement, they might not get the full transaction back

4. Events

  • Provide the user with a healthy balance of notifications when special events happen including severity

5. Provenance

  • The place of origin of earliest history of something
  • What data is coming from the blockchain and if it is public
  • What data is coming from a database and if the data is potentially private or semi-private
  • What data is coming from a 3rd party oracle that you have no control over

6. Addresses

  • Do not show the full address in the UI
  • Show the user the last few digits of the address
  • Make sure the address is selectable

7. History

  • Give the user a history of their interactions

8. Context

  • Use color and clear language to indicate context
  • Clarify the state that the Dapp is in

9. Privacy

  • Do not directly store private user data in a Smart Contract
  • Encrypt or Hash sensitive data

10. Affordance

  • Don’t make the user think
  • Chat with me about technology
  • Learning is the best ability a human has
  • Always strive for a better self