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Blockchain Game Alliance - August 2021

2021-08-31 JGTechBlockchain

July 2021 Highlights

  • More than 391,000 unique gaming users
  • compared to previous month the space grew 121% in unique users

Blockchain Game Alliance

  • Promotes blockchain within the gaming industry
  • Spreads awareness about blockchain technologies
  • Encourages new ways to create, publish, play, and build blockchain games
  • Advocates for diversity and inclusivity of women in this industry
  • Provides an open forum to share knowledge for all interested

Launched Projects

Effort Economy (PH)

  • Bengga is an earn to play game


  • Marketplace for NFT collateralised loans


  • 10k NFT tokens as game assets, and has Tokenomics


  • Tezotopia is a yield farming type crypto game

Other projects to look out for

MODA DAO Sushi Project SEED 1st11


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