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CCENT Certification Passed

2018-07-14 JGTechCisco

I passed my Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician exam!

ccent_network_largeThis has been a struggling two months studying for this exam. Fortunately, I gained prior experience configuring and verifying commands on routers and switches through my courses in college. Most of the materials on the exam was review, but I did learn more in detail about routing and switching protocols. In order to fully understand the exam topics, one must mess around on routers and switches to get a feel of what you will be configuring and verifying.

My study materials consisted of the ICDN1 book from Ciscopress and a Youtube video series created by Ryan Beney. It is important to use multiple study aids—do not use only video tutorials or only books to study. The video series I used is very comprehensive and helpful for beginner. Here is the first episode of the video series:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIlLOzRtm3g\]

As for my reaction when completing the exam, I was freaking out because I did not want to fail and have to study and take the test all over again. The score to pass was 832 and I got a 846! 14 points or about two questions away from failing. There were 54 question in total with 90 minutes to complete them. Thanks God for helping me through this stressful time because it was well worth the struggle.

My next step in my journey to become a Network Security engineer is to obtain my CCNA Security certification. So I will be studying for the IINS 210-260 (Implementing Cisco Network Security). With that certification, I will be able to continue on to the CCNP Security cert which will show off my skills in securing network infrastructures.

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