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Optical Computing

2017-02-17 JGTechComputers


The Ising model is a mathematical model which describes how magnetic materials have atomic spins with an upward or downward states. This mathematical model will lead to solving real-world business challenges such as the optimal delivery truck route and discovering new prescription drugs. Using the Ising model in optical computing is the next step for computer architecture since researchers are able to compute mathematical problems much faster than conventional computers. Due to the lack of progress to keep up with Moore’s Law, this new technology will help with discovering new advancements in many fields such as pharmaceutical and telecommunications. I fear that this will lead to more electronic waste when this type of computing is put on the market due to shift away from  computers to Ising model computers. However, my fear can be solved if researchers think about the global impact of designing a new chip for computer computations.

Strength: The articles were able to provide a simplified definition of an Ising model and give ample background information of the advancements of these models.

Weakness: The articles were not able to state the global impact of designing a totally new chip with regards to the massive electronic waste today.




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