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VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization 2019

2019-06-07 JGTechVMware

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My time as a Customer Service Engineer is over, and it is time to move on to bigger and better things, hopefully. Now, I am on my second rotation as a Professional Service Engineer. This role helps bridge the gap between the pre-sales and the post-sales and helps with retention of Customers. The engineers are knowledgeable in various areas in information security and technology such as but not limited to Networking, Penetration Testing, and Virtualization. It is my first week in this role so my judgement is not the best at this moment, but I am loving it! The shift from a CSE to PSE is definitely what I needed because support cases are not my specialty. I am a technical person who needs continual learning in order to feel like I belong, kind of sound like school. This role allows me to work on my certification that was on the back burner: CCNA Security. I am planning on taking the CCNA Security around the end of this month. Overall, I am excited for what the future has stored for me in this role.

Also, I want to share my recent accomplishments in May 2019. My goal was to be VMware Certified. It was a busy month trying to put as much information about ESXi hosts, vSwitches, and the many other features in one head. However, I was able to pull it off and get certified!! I am a VMware Certified Professional for Data Center Virtualization, and now ready to move on to my next goal: Security Professional. If you would like to know more about how I got certified, feel free to post a comment and I will respond in a timely manner.

VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2019

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